Toyota Prius: Making the case for a hybrid, again

Toyota Prius: Making the case for a hybrid, again
Since it was launched in India in 2010, a mere 167 units of the Toyota Prius have been sold in the country. That perhaps explains why the Prius attracts attention wherever you take it to. “I simply love the Prius. But I think German luxury cars are …
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Prius battery thefts plague San Francisco
A number of Prius battery thefts have taken place in the San Francisco area lately. The Prius battery needs to be replaced after about 100,000 miles of normal driving (although some taxi fleets report getting twice that mileage) and a new one costs $ 2 …

Does it Hurt Your Prius If You Run Out of Gas and Use Electric Mode to Get to
Here is how it may or may not, should one run out of gas and rely on electric power only, but let's see what Toyota Prius owners say, based on their experience. The discussion is from Plug-in Prius Owners group on Facebook. Greg Dorais says "No". He …
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