No Maintenance Cars In India “?” Chevrolet Cars

No Maintenance Cars In India “?” Chevrolet Cars
Chevrolet is releasing the all new Chevrolet Volt in India as a hybrid and has a capacity of four passengers. The 4-door hatchback is designed as an electric vehicle and is offering advanced features than any other hybrids offered in India today. It is smooth and quick, like most hybrid gasoline engines and motors used in cars to give power to the wheels, in the Chevrolet Volt wheels are pushed by electricity that is produced by an on board battery or with a gasoline engine. Charging time is just 8 hours in a 120 outlet and if charged in a 240v outlet it will be fully charged in just a short time of approximately 3 hours, the all new Volt is expected to have a 1.4 liter, 4 cylinder engines which mean for a compact car it will have a competent amount of fuel storage. The all new volt will carry a great safety package and it is fitted with almost all the necessary safety features that is needed in a car, Anti Lock Braking System is standard in the car in order to prevent the locking up of wheels, there is even a traction control system to help in slippery conditions and an anti skid system is also installed that will help wheels to be controlled in skidding conditions while pressing on the brakes for a long period of time. For more safety air bags are installed for both the curtain and the front side.

Another addition is the release of Chevrolet Spark India, putting a new brave face amid even though its parent company is going bankrupt in the United States. General Motors India bravely launched a LPG version of its compact car the Spark in India, making sure that the price to be kept reasonable. Realizing the current economic scenario in the country and the world is facing.
With its competitive price, Chevrolet Spark will surely give a tough competition to other brands in the same variant.

These New Chevrolet cars are aimed to provide the Indian public very efficient and fun cars to drive. And with its reasonable price both cars would surely be embraced by Indias automotive world. providesChevrolet spark cars with all models.Chevrolet spark is best seller car in India.

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