Getting a Look at BMW i3

Getting a Look at BMW i3

BMW is now developing the i3, which one of the car models being engineered. This car model will not be released until 2013. Part of the “Project i,” the BMW i3 concept was first reported in 2011. The plan included incorporation of the so-called range extender option.

The upcoming Model has been built based on the LifeDrive concept, which means that the automobile will have sections made of entirely different materials. The Drive section is made mostly of light aluminum. This section makes up the bottom half of the vehicle. The life passenger compartment is made of CFRB or carbon-fiber reinforced plastic. You will find this section sitting atop the Drive section.

The materials ensure the lighter weight of the whole car, which is said to be just 2750 pounds. CFRB, for instance, has half the weight of steel. Another advantage of this material over steel is that it does not rust. The Life sections’ shell is made up of CFRB, but the bodywork is made up of replaceable plastic panels. This section is attached to the Drive framework with bolts and tough adhesives.
As you might have heard, the i3 model is powered by electric motor. This motor has been so designed to give the auto an optimum performance. More than that, it must be noted that the size of the motor is 40% smaller than the ones used in the electric cars, better known as the Mini E cars. The i3 motor features single-speed transmission with 170 hp. It’s placed right above the rear axle. This rear-wheel drive auto keeps the front-rear weight balanced.

Underneath the passenger compartment floor is where you find the liquid-cooled Li-ion battery pack that powers the motor. The placement of the battery pack ensures no intrusion in the cabin and fixes the center of gravity of the automobile in the favorable location to ensure stability. The storage capacity of the battery is unknown, but a full charge allows the automobile to travel for up to 140 miles.

The BMW i3 promised to reach a speed of 62 miles per hour in 8 seconds. The top speed is expected to be around 93 miles per hour. This limitation is so set as to preserve battery life. The battery charging time is six hours on full charging.
The i3 is a five-door hatchback model with suicide style rear doors. The automobile is about 151.4 inches long and approximately 79.2 inches wide. It has two bench seats that can accommodate four passengers and has about 7 feet of cargo space.

The doors are made of transparent glass but have reinforcement bars. The roof is also made of glass reinforced with small bars. The whole design has been altered from the standard one to become environmental friendly.
People will have to wait until the latter part of 2013, when the new model is expected to be released. The company has not shared too much information about their plans. There is already a price forecast, but the exact probable price statement from BMW is not yet released. At the same time, there may be changes to the i3 concept.

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