Atlantic Toyota Hybrid Owners Learn Prius Once Again Named Best Hybrid

Atlantic Toyota Hybrid Owners Learn Prius Once Again Named Best Hybrid

There are Atlantic Toyota shoppers who may be interested to know the Prius has been named best hybrid by another company. Prius owners may hear continuous positive reviews, which reinforces their purchase decisions.

Atlantic Toyota and Huntington Toyota customers may want to know that the Union of Concerned Scientists has completed its annual review of hybrids and again has ranked the Toyota Prius as one of the top non-luxury hybrids.

The Union of Concerned Scientists is a nonprofit group and combines different elements to rank the hybrid vehicles. The factors involved include:

Fuel economy
Greenhouse gas emissions
Needed hybrid options vs. standard options in a gasoline models

Atlantic Toyota and Huntington Toyota owners should know the Union of Concerned Scientists includes the last factor to analyze what options buyers have to purchase when they buy a hybrid versus a non-hybrid model. Doing this shows consumers the difference in cost between hybrid and non-hybrid models.

According to Don Anair, an analyst with the Union of Concerned Scientists, “We are comparing each model to its conventional gasoline counterpart.” The comparisons will show the most accurate difference between the similar vehicles. For example, the Prius was measured against the Toyota Matrix as both vehicles have similar engine size, performance and interior space.

Most of the top-selling hybrids offer consumers 30 mpg or better. The Toyota Prius offers owners 51 mpg city and 48 mpg highway. Being available for over 10 years, the Toyota Prius has debuted different Prius models which include:

First Generation Prius
Second Generation Prius
Third Generation Prius
Prius v Hybrid Wagon
Prius Plug-In Hybrid
Toyota Prius C, Subcompact

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As the one of the leading hybrid models, the Toyota Prius offers Atlantic Toyota and Huntington Toyota shoppers a tremendous option for saving on fuel. There are a number of hybrid models available for consumers that are offering significant fuel savings along with good value per dollar, according to the Union of Concerned Scientists, and the Toyota Prius lineup is included.

Shoppers are able to visit Atlantic Toyota or Huntington Toyota to get a better look into the options and features offered by the Toyota Prius.




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[Source(s): The Los Angeles Times]

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