2014 Toyota Prius V: Is it for you? Real world analysis and test drive.

The Toyota Prius V has been on my list of cars to review for some time…I always wanted to know, where does it sit in the automotive universe? Why buy the V…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “2014 Toyota Prius V: Is it for you? Real world analysis and test drive.”

  1. shan rite says:

    I think I’m in love with the V. I wasn’t liking the lower back in the other
    one, but this looks more like a mini SUV, minus the gas guzzling. I also
    like the Ford C-Max, so I’m still undecided. I’m going to try to go test
    drive them both this week.

  2. Art S says:

    In Asian Prius has lithium Ion Batteries that is smaller and 3rd row seat.
    Toyota doesn’t want to install Lithium Ion Batteries in North American
    Prius due to cost.

  3. starview1 says:

    The Japanese auto industry was created to what it is today by an
    W. Edwards Deming

  4. Phu Doan says:

    FORD CMAX 2014 Ford C-Max Hybrid small overlap IIHS crash test or PRIUS 2012
    Toyota Prius v small overlap IIHS crash test. Just for a couple MPG which
    would you choose?

  5. jowowetan says:

    Hi Greg, I enjoy your review and I have been thinking about the 2014 Prius
    V. But, the 2015 is out and it seems that its frontal crash rating from
    IIHS has gotten better. Other than that, what else is the difference?

  6. TheSaint135 says:

    I have almost 40 thousand miles on mine, and I’m averaging about 44 to 47
    mpgs in most tanks (about half city half highway) on long trips 99% highway
    I get between 42 and 44 mpg. Also the base V model has a lot more features
    than the base hatchback. Btw, I’m in my 30s with no kids, and I love it, I
    also use it for camping, I sleep in the twin size bed inside the car with
    the heater or the ac, on, all night, and because it’s a hybrid, the engine
    cycles on and off and about 80% of the time it runs on battery power, so
    I’m super comfortable, safe, and I barely use under half a gallon of gas
    for 10 hours of idling with the ac or the heater on.


    Very interesting. I am a Prius owner in the UK. We don’t get offered the
    various variants you get over the water. I recently discovered the Toyota
    Auris Hybrid icon which really is a development of the Prius and it appears
    to have several advantages over the Prius. So it is worth exploring the
    market if you are in the market for an upgrade.

  8. 4BetaMale2 says:

    Your friend should drive my car for a month. It’s a 2000 Ford Taurus. It
    gets 17 MPG (in city) 23 MPG (high way) and a Wapping (drumb roll please)
    20 MPG combined. If after a month of having to fill up once a week and
    getting nowhere on the 15 gallon tank did not make him want to drive a
    Toyota Prius V, nothing would. I would almost kill to have a Prius V.

  9. Jaime says:

    Thanks, just bought one at end of year. I was driving a mini-van which
    unfortunately was totaled. Debated a great deal about what to get next
    because I wanted the roominess. I think the Prius V3 will fulfill most of
    my needs. It drives nicely and compared to my gas mileage on my mini-van,
    this PV3 is amazing.

  10. Daniel Ponder says:

    I absolutely love these! I bought one a year ago, I’ve enjoyed the space
    really well, the MPG is better than my highlander before, but a bit more
    mileage or distance would be even better. Great car, annoying bluetooth
    system though…

  11. Socal Maro says:

    Your review is very accurate and non-biased. I really like my Prius V. It
    replaced my Toyota RAV-4 and I doubled my gas mileage! When hypermiling, I
    can get close to 48 mpg and when I drive aggressively on power-mode, I get
    38. I’ve used this car for various duties and I have even hauled a
    refrigerator! This car is adequate for commuting, hauling stuff, camping,
    etc. The V3 links to your blu-tooth cellphone device for music, Bing,
    phone, sports, weather, fuel, traffic updates for navigation (would you
    like to reroute past that traffic (car fire) ahead?), and Pandora. This
    car is very enjoyable and it saves me a lot of money.

  12. fernando montano says:

    Greg. U probably watch videos on the 2015 prius v With the new face and
    tail lights it looks very nice! also the prius c little changes for 2015
    but looks awesome.

  13. Jiang hu says:

    what’s difference between 2015 vs 2014?

  14. Don La says:

    We just bought a Prius V a month ago, and we loved it! We used to own a
    Highlander hybrid for 8 years. The Prius V feels almost like a Highlander
    with better MPG. I loved the USB audio option, but I think this is
    available to all Prius, not just the Prius V.

  15. Noel Marcelo says:

    Great practical review, man! Right on!

  16. godfatherNYC says:

    Great review. Love the car.

  17. Maly Nda says:

    Hmmm,great review but I need to know what the length is between the front
    seats and the tailgate with the rear seats folded down and the width across
    the back between the wheel wells. Guess I’ll have to go take a test drive.

  18. Bryce Hale says:

    I like that you reviewed the cargo area thoroughly thank you

  19. James Sinclair says:

    Wow you have the cutest kids ever!

    but your so ugly! 

  20. Kamaka Chang says:

    I think the big drag on Prius V sales is the Poor rating in the IIHS
    overlap test. This lead to the subsequent CR recommendation being dropped.
    The regular Prius got better crash results. 

  21. popuppete says:

    Nice bike. Practical commuters are my favorite.
    I have had a Prius V for 2 years and think you have it a fair review.
    I love it by the way. Practical and easy to own. 

  22. brianmcg321 says:

    Awesome review. Will be trading in my Tahoe for this. Can’t wait.

  23. Emily Hebbron says:

    So helpful! Great video – really appreciate focusing on the cargo space.
    After all, that’s what you’re looking for if you’re looking at a Prius V.

  24. conceptcs says:

    great review!

  25. Noodles says:

    The “valley” is cos overseas market prius+ get a third row seat.. hence
    “valley” or hole for legs.

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