2014 BMW i3 Start Up, Test Drive, and In Depth Review

2014 BMW i3 Start Up, Test Drive, and In Depth Review

Hello and welcome to Saabkyle04! YouTube’s largest collection of automotive variety! In today’s video, we’ll take an up close and personal, in depth look at …

In 1994, no one knew how big the internet would be. Not even broadcast journalists Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric. 21 years later, a new big idea has them scratching their heads again. #HelloFutu…

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49 Responses to “2014 BMW i3 Start Up, Test Drive, and In Depth Review”

  1. H4M24UK says:

    Ok this is now for the third time i say this on saabkyle04 videos, I said
    it once on the jeep cherokee, said it again on the lexus suv, and the third
    time now:

  2. ZoMbZascension says:

    I like the interior chime 

  3. Madd Snork says:

    am I the only one who likes its design?

  4. LexusboyLS says:

    That’s one ugly mother… Pity the tasteless people who will buy this car.

  5. flexor212000 says:

    Dear car manufacturers. If you make an electric car don’t make it look
    stupid and ugly. Make it look elegant and nice. You know like any other
    car. Take a lesson from Tesla. I don’t get why car manufacturers think they
    have to go edgy and stupid when they make something electric.

  6. Joel Sanford says:

    Can anyone make a good looking car these days? YUCK.

  7. DSNCB919 says:

    Anyone who buys this insetad of a tesla and is American should be charged
    with treason. .. no way u can say its better than the tesla… thou ppl
    will say it is because its german and says bmw…

  8. Nicholas Gatti says:

    The only problem i have with electric cars is that they are so god damn
    expensive. I am poor as hell amd that forces me to drive a gas guzzling
    pickup rather than a nice new electric car. Most of the price is going into
    the creation of the technology not the technology its self. 

  9. Urs Jaeger says:

    I drive an i3 without Rex. The issue of Empire Further, it should be
    clarified but in all honesty. In winter, 100 km are possible but not on the
    highway. This year we have a fairly harsh winter. Today I am, however, came
    only 90 Km far, and at about 0 ° C.
    I would not buy the car again. BMW promises that absolutely utopian farther
    rich are never ever be reached. I Will try the car as fast as possible to
    get rid of.
    I feel lied to by BMW.

  10. Joseph Zuraski II says:

    Only thing I dislike about this car is the front display. It’s so not

    Pause it at 16:12 – It looks like a big and thick Amazon Kindle Fire with
    the worst bezel ever. The display is 1.5 inches tall with the gauge alerts
    filling up the bezel.

  11. Ariful Karim says:

    I like everything except the tablet dashboard thing. That’s just

  12. ravesilly says:

    Kyle when is the Koenigsegg CCXR video coming? Im dying to see it :) 

  13. Sam Russell says:

    you guys may be dissin now but with muh instent elektrik tork and the fact
    that it’s rwd, this could possibly be the next car that would be perfect
    for delivering tofu up and down mountains

  14. Lola Bola says:

    why didn’t you do the exhaust ????? UNSUBBING UGHHHH

  15. fordmustang98guy says:

    I like that new door chime

  16. Tariq A. Nurmohamed says:

    That door chime is amazing. Its really calming, and its one that i actually
    dont want to rip out.

  17. Preston Uber says:

    This car is very 2015

  18. Waliur Rahman says:

    BMW i3 looks like a unfinished design. Monitors seem like 3rd party add ons
    that don’t fit and the black line behind the front door’s glass looks…

  19. Welmer van der Wel says:

    Great in-depth review, thanks! Love the modern European style, inside and
    out. Seems to me, BMW was not trying to put an electric badge on an
    existing car, like the oh-so unappealing Japanese competitors. Rather, it
    succeeded in designing a spacious ‘floating’ interior, and a moderately
    futuristic exterior (except for the grille). Not a sexy car in a
    traditional sense, however, excitingly modern with well thought-through
    recycled materials, combined with a minimalist luxury feel. Not everybody’s
    cup of tea, luckily. Minor gripes: no lumbar support (pretty basic,
    right?), failure to redesign the radio panel w/ modern materials/looks,
    grille does not quite fit the rest of the design.

  20. William Dean says:

    The Pontiac Aztek of electric cars!!!!! I love electric cars, but
    wow, really? Do they hate consumers and want to embarrass them ??? On par
    with the Nissan Leaf… ugh…. 

  21. danwat1234 says:

    It turns out that the BMW i3 Rex (the one with the range extender) now has
    adjustable Hold mode for the USA model (with a hack) and also the gas tank
    actually is 2.4 gallons, not 1.9 gallons, it’s just software that shuts off
    the gas pump when it gets down to the 1.9 gallon level! And it’s been
    hacked as well. So you can use the same gas tank capacity as people over in


  22. Borey Thun says:

    This car is beautiful. if this one use white is more beautiful than this.

  23. Reony Tonneyck says:

    Fantastic review man! Makes me want to get one

  24. stefa4k0 says:

    i hate cars with skinny tires! so if this is the future…. fuck it ! 

  25. BMW USA says:

    Remember life before the internet? Neither do we. #BMWi3 #HelloFuture

  26. hyylo says:

    sorry BMW but Tesla is the only company offering real innovation and a real
    chance for humanity to stop using oil which does nothing but cause

    Tesla is like Apple and Google

    Mercedes and BMW are like Nokia 

  27. BMW says:

    In 1994, no one knew how big the internet would be. Now, a new big idea has
    people scratching their heads again.

  28. The Person With A Very Long Account Name says:

    When you guys see cars, can you imagine some kind of face on the front of
    it too, or is it just me? When I see this BMW I can see a ninja turtle. I
    know. I’m weird.

  29. B3ansGuy says:

    That twerk line was just painful :|

  30. leec85 says:

    Tesla has this car beat hands down and BMW is far behind Tesla on the
    electric car front. On a side note, Katie Couric looks like skeletor
    without make up on and that line at the end about twerking should not be in
    the commercial. Trying to appeal to young crowds with trash like that but
    really it’s just gross and ruins this commercial that much more.

  31. BMW Group says:

    The huge success of the Internet was unimaginable in 1994. Today, a new
    idea is about to revolutionize the world. youtu.be/U1jwWwJ-Mxc #BMWi
    #BMWGroup #HelloFuture 

  32. BMW i says:

    In 1994, no one knew how big the internet would be. 21 years later, a new
    big idea has people scratching their heads again. #HelloFuture

  33. BenMJay says:

    Life was better before the internet. I am sitting in my bed watching a
    video on my tablet. If it weren’t for the internet I’d by knee deep in

  34. Jonathan Warner says:

    Better than expected. Wish it would show more the car’s performance, since
    a lot of people seem confused about whether or not EVs drive well, but it
    should make a good introduction for a lot of people at the Superbowl. The
    winds of change are here!

  35. Juan Garzon says:

    BMW tries to be the new “@” in the world of cars http://youtu.be/U1jwWwJ-Mxc
    . #Tech #BMW

  36. John Watson says:

    Children today have grown up with “the internet” but there was a time when
    it was all new and folks were trying to figure it out…



  38. Zack Curtis says:

    What an EMBARRASSMENT to BMW! Shame on BMW for building this HIDEOUS,
    ELECTRIC golf cart!!

  39. Brandon Mitchell says:

    I wish +Rebecca B was putting up a field in her SuperBowl cameo, but I’m
    happy enough to see her wearing blue.

  40. Doug Alder says:

    Love this ad. I remember when the original part of it aired in ’94. I was
    ROFL at the time as I’d already been on-net for 2 years (prior to the first

  41. Daniel Xu says:

    What is internet anyway? 

  42. Kevin Sharpe says:

    BMW i3 Super Bowl Commercial “Newfangled Idea” Released #EV #superbowl

  43. thegreatmonster says:

    Old people at that age twerking? There are children watching this BMW USA,
    what da hell, where has the commercials of today come to? #BMWi3

  44. Max Willson says:

    The internet is pretty dam big, to compare your new car to the internet is
    like comparing trigonometry to cave man art. Any car any year can travel to
    the same destination in the sametime. The internet changed media, mail and
    communication within 10 years, how is a new car suppose to change cars that
    can already do the something? I get that it’s a new way to power the car
    but so what? How does that compare to the internet that changed multiple
    compaines, the way we communicate and the way we do business now? 

  45. R.C. Thorne says:

    Is that RBFLY at :31 into this new Superbowl Ad? If so, funny she’s
    wearing blue.

  46. bezor Ta says:

    Oh my God, or any God out there, save us from fanatics. And right now Tesla
    fanatics beat even the most fanatic GTR fans hands down. Something non of
    us could even imagine would ever happen. But here they are, on EVERY single
    car video and proclaiming how the car in the video is rubbish and it should
    be a Tesla. In their world Elon Musk is their prophet and his words are
    their holy command. All other ideas for mass transport are rubbish but
    Musk’s. All other cars, be it gas, hybrids or even pure EVs are rubbish but
    Tesla. How can seemingly normal people get so lost in these kind of fanatic

  47. bustedprius says:

    Life had “more balls” without the internet.

  48. UW Social Media Class says:

    Does social media still confuse you?

    Great new Super Bowl ad for the BMW i3: http://ow.ly/I6vg4 #UWSMC

  49. Selvitcha Picci says:

    what’s the song name’s in the final comercial?

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